This elegant restored mansion is centrally located on the town square, beside the Doughboy statute, facing the bucolic beauty of Veterans’ Memorial Park.

The origin date of McCali Manor is not presently known.  However, the original floor boards which were uncovered during Jane Altman’s complete restoration dated the original section pre-industrial revolution.  Further research indicates the original section to be one of Mt. Pleasant’s earliest taverns on the Town Square.

When Dr. Horner purchased the building in 1910 he doubled the size and added dormers.  The addition housed his office as well as more living space upstairs.

In 1951 the Horner family donated the property to the Elks Club.  The Elks demolished the hearth kitchen and carriage house to make way for a 45′ x 45′ wooden dance floor.  Many civic events were held here.

In 1971 The Elks, in response to the Women’s Movement, added a 23′ wide area for the women.  Later, rules changed to allow women full facility usage.  Under economic stress, The Elks sold the building to Jane Altman in 2009.  After completing a full 483 day restoration of the main floor, doors again opened in Fall 2010 as a social hall.  After 3 years, Jane Altman again closed the doors temporarily to complete the buildings restoration, reducing the public dining area to seat 75 persons, creating 6 suites for lodging, thus restoring the building to a true tavern.



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